Calls and comments on H2020 Work Packages 2018-2020

We have revised the texts we discussed at the Brussels workshop in April 2016 according to the Scoping papers from the European Commission. One new suggested call text concerns mental health at the workplace which is an emerging issue, and also suggested as a topic in drafts for the new work programme 2018-2020.

We hope that these draft calls will inspire you to promote sustainable work in Horizon 2020, by contacting your representatives in the programming committees. Contact us or your National Contact Point if you need guidance.

Priority 3.Digitalising Health and Care ICT for Active Ageing
Proposed Call: Workplace health strategies for sustainable and inclusive health – Download draft call

SC 1 Better health and care, economic growth and sustainable health system – Area 1.2 Preventing disease
Proposed Call: Mental health in the inclusive workplace – Download draft call

Fourth Industrial Revolution, the future of labour markets, competitiveness and welfare – 2, Transformative impact of disruptive technologies (such as block-chain, Internet of Things etc.) on public administrations (RIA)
Proposed Call: Novel technology and sustainable work – Download draft call

SC6 1 Migration and the refugee crises – Labour market integration, education and skills.
Proposed Call: Migration, labour market diversity and sustainable work – Download draft call


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