Nordic Approach to Sustainable Work – Towards New EU Research Challenges

Welcome to the Conference at Ingvar Kamprad Designcentrum, Lund University, October 29-30, 2018. The conference begins at 12.00 on the 29th and end at 15.30 the day after.

Abstracts – Nordic Approach to Sustainable Work 2018

Program – Nordic Approach to Sustainable Work 2018


In recent years, policy discussions regarding the future of work have been revitalized. At the European level, the process of developing policies focusing the European Pillar of Social Rights clearly illustrates this development. The European Pillar of Social Rights addresses twenty sectors of policy development, research and innovative practices. Sustainable work is a central policy area for the Nordic Council of Ministers as well as in Sweden. The future of work reflects the visions and missions of many international organisations as ILO, OECD, EU, Eurofound, EU-OSHA and many others. Many research funders also give high priority to challenge-driven research and innovations.

Globalization, digitalization, international competition, new demography and technological transformations have fundamental impact on working conditions, working hours and location of work. The development towards work without borders, a sharing economy and labour market polarization have significant repercussions on employment relations, social protection and the role of social partners. Temporary jobs and precarious working conditions increase in the service sector, while high-performance jobs become more common in the advanced industrial sector. More knowledge is needed on how to accomplish secure and adaptable employment, health and safety at work, proper work life balance, a good social dialogue and effective participation of workers. Quality of jobs, social protection, and improvement of living conditions are major visions both in ILO centenary mission 2019 and in the UN Sustainable Development Goals presenting vision up to 2030.

The purpose of this conference is to focus on Nordic research and ideas on how to succeed in creating sustainable work in a European context for Horizon 2020. It also represents a final activity by the Swedish Platform for Sustainable Work as a Resource for Health, Innovation and Growth which was initiated in 2013 with the purpose of promoting inclusion of issues focusing on sustainable work in Horizon 2020 ( The mission of the platform is not only to emphasize the Nordic approach in the light of Horizon 2020, but also to focus on Horizon Europe – the next research and innovation framework programme.

High-level Nordic and EU speakers

Allan Larsson
Advisor to the President of European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and former Swedish Minister for Finance
Inger Schaumburg
Director General of the National Research Centre for the Working Environment in Denmark and vice chair of PEROSH
Jan Gulliksen
Professor, KTH, Member of the Digitalisation Council and Digital champion of Sweden


Program Highlights

Keynotes, parallel sessions, workshops and networking activities on…

  • Future work, digitization and new skill requirements
  • Thoughts on the future of occupational research – Young scholars looking ahead
  • Working longer and better – Sustainable work for health and job longevity
  • The new world of work – Job quality, innovation and employment outcomes in Europe
  • Ergonomic challenges at the new workplace
  • Promotion of R&D on sustainable work – interacting with social partners

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