Priorities for occupational safety and health research in Europe 2013–2020

In 2012, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) prepared a report to define the priorities for occupational safety and health (OSH) research for 2013–2020. The aim was toprovide input into the preparation of a possible European Union (EU) OSH strategy and into the EU Research Framework Programme Horizon 2020, as well as to promote OSH research coordination and funding in the EU. The report is an update of the EU-OSHA working paper ‘Priorities for occupational safety and health research in the EU-25’, published in 2005, taking into account the latest developments in scientific knowledge in the field, changes in the world of work and recent trends that have an impact on safety and health at work.

The report’s objective was to identify priorities for OSH research in the coming years in accordance with the Europe 2020 strategy and the Horizon 2020 programme and their priorities and key objectives of ‘smart, sustainable and inclusive growth’ and ‘excellent science — competitive industries — better

Download the report from OSHA’s website:

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