Research Proposals for Horizon 2020

The challenges of global competition, digitalisation and demographic change demonstrate the need for new research and innovation on sustainable work systems and innovative workplaces. The recent launching of the consultation of European Pillar of Social Rights also highlights the future of work and welfare systems in Europe. We need new and efficient means to attract and keep talent and to enable work life participation of every European, including older workers, women and migrants. However, research on “Europe at work” is fragmented and barely visible in the EU’s research programme Horizon 2020. As a response, the attached proposal gives an overview and four concrete examples of how sustainable work could be included in the Horizon 2020 Work Programmes of 2018-2020:

  • Novel technologies and sustainable work.
  • Workplace health strategies for sustainable and inclusive growth.
  • Sustainable work and the increasing work force diversity.
  • Integrated health and safety concepts for large infrastructure projects and new working environments.

Download the summary here: Sustainable work in Horizon 2020 summary

Download the full version: Sustainable work in Horizon 2020

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