Reports and links

pdf EU Guide to social innovation – For 2014-2020, social innovation has been explicitly integrated in the Structural Funds Regulations, offering further possibilities to Member States and regions to invest in social innovation both through the ERDF and the ESF.   Download pdf

Internet_link EURIDA Research Management specializes in the support of universities, SMEs, research institutes, cultural, arts and other organizations in the internationalization of their research activities as well as the development and implementation of funded research projects. Website

pdf Population ageing in Europe – Facts, implications and policies Download pdf

pdf Sustainable development in the European Union – 2013 monitoring report of the EU sustainable development strategy Download pdf

pdf Psychosocial risks in Europe: Prevalence and strategies for prevention. Eurofound 2014 Download pdf

pdf Working environment and productivity : A register-based analysis of Nordic enterprises. Copenhagen: Nordisk ministerråd, 2014. Download pdf

pdf Working hours and health : Coordination of research on working hours and health in the Nordic countries – Future perspectives 2014. Copenhagen: Nordisk ministerråd, 2014. Download pdf

pdf Psychosocial working environment – Workplace Inspection of the psychosocial working environment in the Nordic countries Copenhagen: Nordisk ministerråd, 2014. Download pdf

Internet_link Designlabb for social innovation (in Swedish) Website