Sustainable work in a new European Silver Economy

Observations and reflections from European Summit on Innovations for Active&Healthy Ageing, the SQUARE, Brussels, March 9-10, 2015

The Summit was a dynamic and exploring knowledge-sharing platform on visions needs and demands, ICT for health services and work in a new European demography. It was also valuable for our advocacy platform for sustainable work in Horizon 2020

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Summary of summit

  • It gave an opportunity to present our ideas and agenda and to share ideas with others
  • It provided opportunities to combine macro, meso and micro-perspectives on decisions to prolong work careers, from employees, employers and within family context
  • It highlighted ageing societies, silver economy, ICT and job creation
  • It gave attention to skills, job quality and development of jobs in the health caring sector
  • It pointed at new opportunities to combine and integrate research funding with structural funds and other investments
  • It called for the need of coordinating activities from various General Directorates, Research, Enterprise, Employment, Sanco and Connect etc.
  • Finally, it illuminated that broader research and development initiatives such as JPI More Years –Better Lives and the programmes by Eurofound, also can be seen as strong policy pressure tools to influence Horizon 2020 and to strengthen the European research community on sustainable work, health and welfare.

Download the full report 

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