Upcoming calls on sustainable work 2016/17

Calls will start to open in the near future so it is time to start looking for partners! We have identified six calls that will come over the coming two years, that might be very interesting for you!

Factories of the future

Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Advanced Manufacturing and Processing, and Biotechnology

In the upcoming 2016-17 Workprogram there are four calls under the heading ”Science-based risk assessment and management of nanotechnologies, advanced materials and biotechnologies”.

  • NMBP-26-2016: Analytical techniques and tools in support of nanomaterial risk assessment
  • NMBP-27-2016: Promoting safe innovation through global consolidation and networking of nanosafety centres and strengthening the European industry through cooperation in nanosafety
  • NMBP-28-2017: Framework and strategies for nanomaterial characterisation, classification, grouping and read-across for risk analysis
  • NMBP-29-2017: Advanced and realistic models and assays for nanomaterial hazard assessmentRead the draft calls on page 81-86 in this document.

Europe in a changing world – Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies

For the upcoming Work program 2016/17 this WP includes a section called “Reversing inequalities and promoting fairness”. There are several interesting calls, the most relevant for our audience is:


Health, Demographic change and Well-being

There is one call on primary prevention of mental health problems in the young. The interventions should build on but may go beyond existing state-of-the art knowledge on biological, psychological and social determinants of mental well-being such as societal, cultural, work life, lifestyle, epidemiological, economic and environmental perspectives.

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